Principal Message

Youth of any country is a vast reservoir of strength and energy. Our great country—one of the most ancient civilizations on earth—with a population of 125 crore people and 70% of this below the age of 40 years—with a rich cultural and spiritual heritage and with all the diversity of culture, faith, religion, caste, language, region and ethnicity— and already in the elite club of giants being a nuclear, space missile and IT power—is currently undergoing an accelerated phase of metamorphosis form being a country earlier looked upon by international community as a land of primitive and inferior people to now a highly growing economy and also a champion and a leader for the cause of international stability. This whole account is, undoubtedly, a majestic description to make us feel proud about what we are and our achievements and evokes a sense of grandeur.

However, there is also the other facet of the story—the country is struggling hard on the fronts of poverty, disease, corruption, caste and religion. Our society instead of a unified National entity is highly divided through many classifications and the peace among the fragments is continuously on the decline. Always the youth become the

torchbearers and also the victims of violence and bloodshed. They are the ones on march on either side propelled by fractured ego and jaundiced vision. Besides, youth of the country is also becoming victim of blind and blatant misuse of technology—their energy and time substantially being consumed by mobile phones, internet and diverse electronic gadgets, severely affecting their focus and concentration and priorities. No doubt, to be anti-technology is to be anti modern. But one has to use technology for the good and not to be used up by technology for the bad. We are now more being used and exhausted by technology. This dismal picture puts the country and the elders in despair and makes us uncertain about our capability to develop, grow and rise as a Nation where we are we all citizens of the nation first, where we are ready to spend time and make concerted efforts in national interest.

Sense of responsibility to the self, then to the society and the Nation has to come from within Swami Vivekananda says ‘Talk to Yourself once in a day … otherwise you may miss meeting an Excellent person in the world’.

So young friends, stop your mental traffic for a while, sit and look inside, talk to yourself, discover the excellent person in you, you are great-explore your greatness, you are divine-explore your divinity, you are a lighthouse of virtues-explore your virtues, you are all powerful-explore, you are the master of you desires and dashing-explore, discover yourself as completely as possible. How can it be brought about, what can guide us, what can train us, what can give confidence, what can become a tool for such practice. The answer is ‘Education’. Right Education is a panacea. Swami Vivekananda and Albert Einstein have said that education is not the collection and learning of facts – it is the training of mind to think and concentrate. Education is the technique and the technology to use mind.

Education although inclusive of formal curriculum, qualification, career and earning goes much beyond. It emancipates, dissolves all barriers, gives insight and discrimination, education enlightens.

Here in S.D. (P.G.) College, Panipat, we believe in a system of education as depicted above and also on the cover page of prospectus. Our vision is to train our students to help explore their true potential and inculcate a sense that they are made for a bigger cause. Education to them has to be for more than the individual careers family and earning. Education has to also become instrument of National progress by unified efforts.

Education has to give intelligence, character, harmony and other virtues. This is the wholesome education. Dear students, you are this Nation’s wealth and our precious possession and so very special to us.

This college has highly qualified and eminent academicians in the faculty, a rich collection of high quality books and all necessary infrastructure, computer and latest equipment. Our students have secured first position in university on many occasions and also made our college and the Nation proud by their achievements in sports at National and International level. In the session 2015-16 our college teams won the Zonal and Inter Zonal championship of Kurukshetra University in different sports and a large number of students participated in All India Inter University.

Cultural programmes, literary events Seminars and Research Conferences are regularly organized in the college. In the session 2015-16 the college organized three National Conferences on the themes ‘Relevance of Swami Vivekananda in the Developments of India’, ‘Recent Advances in Chemical Science’, ‘Current Developments in Physics’ all sponsored by the State Govt. A highly successful six-day literary festival and book fair was organized in the college with the participation of eminent literary personalities. The college has facility of girls hostel. Activities on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and Women Empowerment are organized in the college round the year. In this session a state level talent show on Beti Meri Super Star and Super Mom and also a rally and many other events were organized to further the cause of Women Empowerment.

Friends, keep faith in our intention and efforts to shape your career—your personality your commitment and your goal. We shall strive hard to fulfill your dream for you are also the dream of this country comes for you. Welcome to S.D. (P.G.) College Family.

Dr. Anupam Arora