President Message

A large number of students pass out from this college every year and a great number gets fresh admission to pursue higher education in this institution which has produced hundreds of university toppers and position – holders in the last forty-seven years of its existence.

I extend a most hearty welcome to the new entrants and wish them a happy and fruitful stay in this college.

A college is not merely a place where the knowledge contained in books is given to students who in turn reproduce it in the examination to get their degrees. In fact, a college provides you an environment for identifying your hidden talents and inspires you to develop them to the utmost under the guidance of teachers.

A galaxy of teachers who are well versed in their respective subjects will help you in this college to achieve your aims and aspirations.

Cultural Activities, Conferences and Seminars on diverse themes are organised round the year in the college which will provide you several platforms where you can hone your skills by way of interaction and participation.

I hope that you will make an optimum use of this opportunity and will ultimately pass out from this college as an accomplished and self -confident individual to serve the nation.

Sh. Pawan Goel

(President Governing Body)